Powerpoints & Documents

Chap_001 An Intro to Writing

Chap_002 The Writing Process

Chap_004 The 3rd Step

Chap_005 The 4th Step

Chap_006 Four Basis for Revising Essays

Chap_007 Intro to Essay Development

Chap_009 narration

Chap_010 Exemplification

Chap_011 Process

Chap_012 Cause & Effect

Chapter_016 argument

Chap_021 Library & Internet

Chap 022 Writing a Research Paper

Chap_024 Fragments

Chap_025 Run Ons

Chap_026 Reg & Irreg Verbs

Chap_027 Subj Verb Agreement

Chap_028 More on Verbs

Chap_034 Manuscript Form

Chap_035 Capital Letters

Ch’s 37, 38 & 43

Chap_039 Commas

Chap_040 Other Punctuation Marks


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