Writing Celebration

Written by Kacie Van Vliet in honor of the National Day on Writing.

Writing is used in every part of life, whether it be through social media or hand written. Writing is a way that people can interact and gives people a chance to write, in words, what can often be difficult to express verbally. Professions such as journalism and advertising write as their job, and they use that writing to share with the public. Without writing, communication would be a lot more difficult and we would lose a lot of entertainment options as well. Writing is found in the school and social aspect of my life.

Personally, I can see writing in the school aspects of my life. In social media, I use writing to send e-mails to my teachers. Using writing to interact with teachers helps me a great deal in my school work and allows questions to be answered without having to physically be there. Essays often are assigned in different classes and I use writing to show my knowledge of the particular subject that I am assigned to write about. Through writing, teachers can easily discern between the students who know the subject matter and those who do not. Reading material is often assigned in classes and the writings in the text books are used to teach and explain the curriculum in different subject matter.

In the social aspect of my life, I see writing all around me. On social media sites, such as Facebook, I am able to read what is happening in the people’s lives around me and I am able to share my own experiences and opinions as well. Communication through text message also involves writing and it allows people to talk back and forth through words rather than orally. It is often easier to write to someone to express how you feel, rather than having to face talking to them about your feelings. I enjoy reading other people’s writing as entertainment as well. People use writing to make stories that people want to read in their free time. The writer often uses their writing to share a thrilling and exciting story with people who are looking to be entertained. Even writing letters back and forth is a fun way of communication and is used often.

What better way to spread news than through writing! Often times, people use writing to let people know what is going on in their lives and also allows people to share their opinions. People bounce ideas back and forth on social media websites and they argue different issues to show their stance on certain subjects. Different fields of study use writing in their everyday work. For example, journalists use writing to give the public insight on different issues and events going on in the world. Journalists also use writing to educate people on what they should be aware of. As mentioned before, writers use writing to express their creative nature and to provide entertainment for the readers. There are many other jobs that use writing as well. As you can tell, writing is an important tool in communication and expression in different aspects of people’s lives.

Writing is extremely useful in school, socializing, and work. Using writing, especially through technology-related methods, can spread news easily and quickly. One has the ability to really get their ideas and news out there through writing. This is one tool that will probably never be lost and will continue to be used for years to come. Writing makes a lot of things so much easier and therefore will always be useful. It is such a wonderful thing to be able to celebrate something as incredible and widely used as writing.


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