Writing is Vital in Our Lives

Written by Iona Brannon in honor of the National Day on Writing

Writing is my outlet. I communicate with those not directly next to me through writing, and I connect with myself in the same way. I n my everyday life, I use writing to get in touch with friends through text messages or chat. Teachers who aren’t immediately available can be reached through a simple email. Loved ones who live far away can stay in touch through emails or messages on facebook regardless of time or special differences. Writing allows for a time of reflection and organization before responding. Without writing, I wouldn’t be able to fully understand myself , because I process information as I write it out. I keep a journal recording events and emotions I know I will forget otherwise. This way, I can go back and analyze my actions, reliving moments and small details. Without writing, I would find myself disconnected from everyone but those directly in my range of sight.

Writing today definitely facilitates connections amongst ideas and people. Often, I have found myself part of group messages that allow for instant feedback on ideas. An idea that is mediocre to begin with can be shaped and molded in a matter of minutes in such a setting by people from all around the world. As people tweet and text, Ideas are swapped and people get a glimpse of how others think and act, sublimely affecting their own actions and thoughts to an extent. People of similar interests have the ability to reach out and make connections with each other through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. More than ever, writing is vital in our lives.


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