How do you connect?

Written by Hannah Gustafson in honor of the National Day on Writing.

How do you connect? Have you ever seen a small baby or toddler struggling to communicate with those around them, blurting out syllables and obscure noises? From a young age it is in our nature and human instinct to try and communicate our feelings and thoughts to those around us. In today’s society we turn to writing as one of our biggest ways of communications. Every where you go you are surrounded by people communicating through various types of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  emails, text messages, and even hand written letters and notes. Some may say that writing is dead and it is a thing of the past was greatly mistaken, it is not dead, if anything I feel that we communicate through writing today then ever before. Technology has made communicating in this way easier than ever before.

Take Facebook for example, this is a place where old friends can find each other again and families separated by distance can keep in touch. Through emails you can communicate with business partners, colleges, friends, family, and even meet someone new. Dating websites for example are so convenient today because of the demand of online communication. Twitter as well as Instagram are some of the biggest uses of communication through writing today with the younger generations; you can have your own personal profile where you can express your inner most deepest feelings through letters and statuses for everyone to see. On every social media site you are over whelmed with communication through writing whether it is through status updates, comments on photos, personal emails, instant chat, and shared posts.

Writing may not be exactly what it was 50 years ago but it is very much alive. Not only do we use it for recreation but for work as well. This allows businesses to share their ideas and express opinions. It allows us as individuals to make our own thoughts and feeling visible for others to see. Writing allows us to become creative; it allows us to express our inner most thoughts and bring our imaginations to life. I feel that without writing we would be lost as a society. It brings us together in a way that spoken words don’t and our own words have such an immense power and impact on those who come across them.


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