Recording Daily Life

Written by Fenting Yen in honor of the National Day on Writing

Nowadays, writing is the way people most often to connect friends, family, and business. Writing is a daily matter– through texts, status updates, blog posts, and emails. People use writing to their business, study, and daily. According to the development of technology, many social networks had created in recent years, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, and some others. “The future belongs to those who believe the beauty of their dream,” said by Eleanor Roosevelt, and I cannot agree more. People would like to pursue of new things, so they buy new stuffs are not because of they need, but they just want to follow the news. The smartphone is a powerful attraction to many people from small age to old age. I have seen some elementary students holding their smartphone tightly every day. I also seen many elders are starting to learn how to use smartphone and they all fall in love with it.

Writing is a good way to express and record one’s feeling in daily life. For example, I always have seen people post their mood on Facebook every day, either sad or happy, and sometimes complaining about government’s decisions, colleagues’ behavior, children’s problem, and parents’ rigor. Some other people would share their daily life by writing to update their status and post extra photos relate to the writing contains. For instance, one of my Facebook friends likes to take many pictures around her life, and she likes to post the pictures with short description every day to show others how delicious the foods are. The purpose that she loves to doing it is because she is living alone without her family in other country, and she uses writing to let her family know how well she is living and  to peace her family’s worries.

Writing is also a way to communicate to someone who you are afraid or shy to talk to. For example, I have a friend whose relationship with her mother is not very well, but she still concerns about her mother. Therefore, she tries to send messages to her mother day by day and keep a connection. She is very nervous to communicate with her mother when they meet, because they rarely care about each other since they were arguing of many things before. However, I think writing a message to be connected about someone who you really want to regard is a good way and you will not get shy or nervous. Writing email is also a technique to someone who you want to connect but he or she is living far away from you.

In conclusion, I think many people are likely to write down their daily life is a good way to record their history. Recording video is also a new way on writing, but it is not about acute writing, it is a way that replace of writing. Many people would like to record their daily life, too. They think recording video is interesting and very convenient because of smartphone is readily available to take video. Pen and paper are not exiting anywhere, but smartphone has been always with him or her. Try to write or record daily life is a good habit, once you look back all your writing or recording, you will find out how interest that is.


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