Writing to Connect

Written by Emily Procko in honor of the National Day on Writing

In my work environment, I don’t use writing too much because I am a delivery driver at Pizza Hut. However, I do fill out feedback notecards for my other coworkers in order to boost their confidence by telling them what they’re doing good at and encourage them to keep working hard. I also use writing to fill out a bulletin that I post on my work bulletin board that announces an encouraging hello for the day such as “good morning guys happy Monday” and then I continue to go on and explain what each individual’s task is for that day. I don’t use writing too much at work because I mostly use verbal communication, however, when I do use writing, it is to specifically emphasize something I think is important to communicate to my other coworkers visually so they don’t forget. At work, I use writing to instruct, remind, and encourage my coworkers.

In my school environment, I use writing a lot more frequently than I do in my workplace. In college, it is impossible to communicate verbally with your teachers about your point of view on things and how far you’re progressing, therefore, it is much easier to simply write your ideas down for your teachers to later read and give you feedback on. In addition, I use writing as a study tool in majority of my classes. I use writing as a communication tool between my teachers and I. I email my teachers to ask them questions about the course I’m taking and things I’m not quite understanding. In addition, I write things down repeatedly because it helps me study and retain information more clearly through the constant repetition.  I use a much more formal form of writing in my school environment verses my work environment. In my school environment, I use writing as a form of communication, learning, and studying.

Whether it’s online on Facebook or Instagram, I am constantly using writing to express myself. On social medias, I use writing as a way to express my opinions, likes, and dislikes about certain topics. I use Facebook and Instagram as a form of a online diary where I can share my thoughts and retain memories that I don’t want to lose. In addition, social media websites allow me to use writing in the form of communication to connect and meet new people.  I use a much more informal and slang-like type of writing style when it comes to social media websites. On my online social media sites I use writing as a way to connect with people and express myself.

In today’s society, I think that people seem to forget how much they use the tool of writing. Even though, people may not sit down and write on a piece of paper with an actual pencil, everyone uses writing frequently even if they don’t recognize it. The most writing that takes place is online or in a text message. Although, many people may find social media websites distracting, they have the potential to connect people. People on Instagram post pictures and share their likes and dislikes about different fashion trends, politics, and even ice cream. On Facebook, people share their thoughts and opinions where other people can like what they put or insert on comment explaining their opinion. Writing on social medias allows people to share their thoughts and opinions with people that they might never have met in real life.


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