Written by Clary Holt in honor of the National Day on Writing

Writing is one of the ways God has given us to communicate our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and many other things. There are several ways that I personally use writing. One of the biggest ways right now is in the form of papers for my classes in college. Through these, I can express my ideas about what I have learned to my teacher. I also use writing to communicate with the volleyball team that I coach. I jot down my thoughts during practices and games so that I won’t forget what I wanted to say to my team when we gather in the huddle. My boss and I use email to gather the information we need from each other. I also use email in order to know what is happening at my school and receive important notices from my teachers. I love to write letters and emails to my best friends and family that live far away. This way I can stay in touch with them and keep them current on what is going on in my life.  It also shows them that I love them and they are always on my mind.

Writing today allows for the rapid spread of ideas. There are many books out there that are written about various topics. There are stories written simply for readers’ enjoyment, schoolbooks, political books, children’s books, and the list goes on. Christians grow in their faith by reading the Bible. Because those in our history took the time to write stories down, we can learn from their lives. Anyone can pick up a book or article and learn something new every day. Through modern social media, news spreads like wild fire. People are much more connected to pop culture, politics, and each other. Texting has become an addiction.  Many share their personal lives on facebook and Twitter. Writing is an incredible tool used to express ideas and share with others.


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