Writing Is Very Important

Written by Danping Lu in honor of the National Day on Writing

People write every day. When students are in class, they need to write. Also, when people are in work, they need to write. Writing is necessary for everyone even though some people have not realized that writing has be an important part in their life. As the other expression of people’s thoughts, writhing is different than speaking. Because writing requires more logic and rules than speaking, people can write well only after constantly practice. Practicing writing is not as easy as people thought because of many facts; such as grammar, vocabulary, and organization. As an English learner, writing is the hardest part of my learning, but it is very important.

Since I began to learn how to write in English, the most obvious thing that I have changed is my logic. Because of the different culture writing style, I always cannot write well at the beginning of my writing learning. For instance, Asian writing requires a twist development, meanwhile English writing requires a clean and logical supports. Furthermore, it is hard for me to switch the logic into American style which is directly say what you want to say. The most helpful way to solve the problem is making a list before writing. As Asian writing logic is the main part in my brain, a list can help organize my twist thoughts into clean turns. After I use this way to improve my writing, it has been better than before.

Writing is the expression which shows thoughts and personal abilities. If the thoughts in writing can be well expressed is dominated by the writer’s writing abilities. As a result, writing connects both the ideas and the skills by people. For example, people who write a professional report must have good writing skills so they can exactly express the science information, or the readers may misunderstand the report. In different fields, writing has different requirements, but the original goal of writing is the same that show what the writer thinks.

To conclusion, writing is not only the abilities that people need to have but also the necessary way to say what people think. Both the skills and ideas are important in writing if the writers want to exactly express their thoughts. Moreover, in today’s life, writing is going to be more and more significant than before when many fields require good writing skills. People should develop their writing skills as well as possible so that they can be more aggressive in both work and study.


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