Written by Ryan Estrada in honor of the National Day on Writing.

Everyday everyone around the world communicates to one another using different methods. The most effective and basic of these methods is writing. Out of all the methods writing is the only one that allows you to truly express how you feel. Writing is more than just a fundamental skill in communicating it is also the most important: I use it everyday in my life in my job with medical charting; in my personal life communicating with friends via text or online communication. All-in-all writing is wonderful.

During my work as a Emergency Room LVN charting is the only way for me to support myself. Charting is a form of writing kind of like a medical journal of the patients visit. Everything I do with the patient has to be charted thoroughly and accurately or else it is perceived as not been done. Because of this it is my only defense in a court of law so it must be complete and express clearly what I did and when I did it. Writing in my work also allows me to communicate my actions to my fellow peers so they can be aware of what was done, and what still needs to be done. I am grateful for how writing has made my work life easier.

In my personal life writing takes on a different format than my work life. Communication is short simple and to the point, instead of accurate long and thorough. The platform I use is also different instead of journal like it is text messaging or updating social media. Because the messages are short a lot of abbreviations are used to save space and time and example of one is “TTYL” or talk to you later, or “ BRB” be right back. While not at work writing still finds a way to improve and make my life easier.

Writing to me is more than just a fundamental skill to communicate during work or at home. It has opens my doors and allows me to communicate by not having to struggle to say the right words. I don’t have to worry about being lost for words or a slight speech impediment when I write, all I have to do is write clear complete thoughts. I hope everyone takes the time to reflect on how writing has touched us all. I know I did and because of it I appreciate it even more.


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