Written by Ruby Gomez in honor of the National Day on Writing.

As I reflect on the ways I personally use writing, I can’t imagine a world without it. Writing is essential to my daily life for a few reasons. Writing keeps me close to my family, clear headed, and successful. My daily writing consists of helping me to keep in contact with family and friends, express my emotions on paper, and to be an excellent employee at work.

When I am waiting in a line surrounded by people, I don’t want to call a friend or family member and have others around listening in on my conversation. I would rather send a text message. I prefer writing a message because it is more personal for me. I go back and re-read through them and it takes me back to our conversation we had. Filling me with memories and giving me a laugh when I need it.  Furthermore, writing helps me to express built up emotions. Feelings I want to express but do not want to share with others. For example, when I am mad or frustrated, I usually write what made me upset and why I shouldn’t let it bother me. When I get finished with my writing I read through it and realize that what made me upset was not serious at all, but silly. Sometimes also writing down memories I want to keep and look back on and attaching a photo, such as scrapbooking. Last but not least, I constantly write at work. It helps me to be successful by making everyone happy, because in my job I send a lot of emails discussing patients’ referrals to specialist and keeping communication on what exact treatment the patient needs.  Moreover writing in patients’ charts in a clear concise manner to allow for proper treatment for the patient.

Writing allows connection between all people.  Writing is a habit for everyone. If you think about it every type of person writes somehow. Consider this, adults may write down a simple list for grocery items they may need at the market, children scribble with crayons with intention of writing a letter or a name to someone, even those who are less fortunate who are considered homeless write on a box to tell a brief story.  Writing is a wonderful skill that everyone has and should not take for granted.


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