National Day on Writing

Written by Bruce Briquelet in honor of the National Day on Writing.

Just like everyone in this day of age writing is an essential part of day to day life. Writing could be used to connect to other individuals, or to express oneself. For me, writing is a way for me to escape our world. Whether I write stories, or write in a journal about my inner most thoughts and feelings; writing is my cope and a way for me to deal with stress. I also have a passion for writing music, lyrical and compositions. I spend a lot of my free time jotting down song ideas and different rhythmical patterns I could use incorporate in a composition. For me, writing is my passion and one of my favorite things to do.

Writing, today, is essential for connections to be made among ideas, people, and different disciplines because it is how we communicate and express our feelings and thoughts. People use writing to connect with one another whether it is long or short distance. Writing can be used to keep in contact with loved ones or other individuals that you care about. Professions use writings to keep records, to document what they need to, and to also connect and share with their colleagues. Writing in the work force and among people is very key to how we communicate and share with one another.

In all, writing has many different purposes. Whether it be to a way to connect, express feelings, or share ideas, writing is used every day by humans and it has become essential to everyday life. Writing is a freedom that we Americans have that shouldn’t be taken for granted.


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