National Day on Writing

Written by Aaron Adame in celebration of The National Day on Writing

Writing was never something I saw as important growing up. Verbal communication was, in my opinion, the best method to get your words out to those you intended to listen. Getting in to the workforce and now serving in ministry at a church, I am coming to a greater awareness of the power of the written word. My favorite author is a British scholar, pastor and theologian by the name of John Stott. He is a master of etymology. When I first heard this term, I thought it meant he could read minds (Zoolander pun) because of his amazing ability to connect with his reader. Later realizing that etymology is the study of words, I discovered that living inside a word was an incredible power to influence readers when a word is used correctly and appropriately. Writing is the superior form of communication; it is timeless and can cross cultural, social, economic, and religious barriers to reach any audience.

At work, Facebook, twitter, blogs, and email are the primary forms of communication; all of which use writing as the means to communicate. On any given day, my inbox might receive 30 new emails. At the same time, I might only talk on the phone for a total of 10 minutes on an average day. People are too busy to sit and talk on the phone. Using email and text message gets the basic information in and out so that people can carry on with their responsibilities. What is negative about this influx of reading and writing is that majority of it is lacking in basic grammar and spelling rules. People might read and write a lot more today; however, they are becoming less aware or concerned with following the basic “rules of writing.” Writing today has increased in volume, but at a cost that cannot yet be calculated.

I am not fully aware of how writing was used in the past to connect people in various disciplines and professions; however, it seems that today if someone wants to make an impact by fabricating and communicating an idea, then the best way to do this is to write a best-selling book or have a nationally acclaimed blog site. When people argue for a certain business practice, political issue, religious belief or biographical illustration, people communicate through a piece of literature they wrote or assisted in writing. It is hard to communicate a point clearly when verbalized. A piece of writing is a much easier and safer way to communicate a premeditated thought that can be supported with evidence and research. Without writing, it would be impossible to communicate clearly and effectively in any objective way to a listening audience.


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