Write to Connect

Written by Alyssa Castillo in celebration of The National Day on Writing

Without words, where would we as a society be? Without a form of communication, without an outlet to express ideas, without a way to transfer stories and capture moments, how would we survive? Thankfully we have words and we’ve had words since the beginning of time. Words, in written form, have the outstanding ability to transport a person to the depths of Mordor, to the heart of Narnia, to the Chamber of Secrets in the comfort of  a person’s armchair. The written word can be combined with a throbbing bass or a smooth guitar and create music. It can be detailed to bring insight, or vague to awaken the mind and produce deep thoughts. Written word in the form of scripture can bring comfort in times of distress and trouble. These connections bring life. Words invoke peace. The expression of emotion, whether anger or joy, depression or elation, chaos or tranquility, brings about a feeling of rest to the mind and soul. To scream from the rooftops or whisper in secret the innermost desires of our being through blackened ink on a page is liberating. The concept of expression and the feeling of individuality and value can often be expressed in the form of words. Words in a recipe connects the stomach to the worlds and the lips and tongue to the soul. Academic words bring insight and knowledge, and turns on the light in a dark crevices of our brains. Words have changed lives since the beginning of time. “Let there be light,” and thus begun all of existence. “It is finished,” and thus all of mankind is saved from eternal damnation. “I love you,” and thus begins a journey toward whatever God has already designed. “ I do,” and forever begins. “Welcome home, my good and faithful servant,” and thus begins eternity in paradise.


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