Writing for Life

Written by Diana Lopez in celebration of The National Day on Writing

What is writing? Well if you define it in the Oxford dictionary it means “a sequence of letters, words, or symbols marked on paper or some other surface”, seems simple but quite essential for life. At a young age we are thrown letters that soon become words and later evolve to paragraphs which eventually leads to stories. So what is writing to me, well at first it was hieroglyphics, which I soon mastered to translate to words and at a young age I was pushed to write because writing helped me learned how to read too. Which according to my teachers and parents I need to live it was as necessary as water, it was a tool for survival.

My survival is exactly is what writing has become in college and life, as a student everything is writing. Paper after paper I am ask to discuss my understanding, to express my stand, to analyze this and that, to communicate my concern and so on.  Which depending on how well I can “write” I am graded and that can affect my whole college career. At work writing is essential, as a cashier I must record sales, concerns and problems. If I become sick, I must inform my employer via electronic mail, since it is the most reliable source to contact her. I also volunteer a lot during my free time and the only way of contact is email, since most of the time I meet them the day of the event and the often have many volunteers. The same goes for my social life, many of my friends have left for college and the only way to keep in touch for some is writing through emails, Facebook, text messaging, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Where we excitingly share our experiences as we venture off in college and the “real world”, our first fails and success such as obtaining an “A” in a paper or getting a job. All of this writing is done online, where I read a billion different stories as I follow bloggers and newsfeed from all over the world. Writing helps me express my own story as I write my college journey, my success and failures for the future me. Even writing short songs and poems or making art with words, I express my feelings in a much healthier and safer way than others may. Or when I fan girl over incredible songs, post or You Tube videos (mostly dance choreography and short films like Wong Fu Productions or Jubilee Project) and praise the artist, author or dancer on their talent.

Writing literally connects not only characters and words, thoughts, ideas and people. Writing has made it possible to be part of a different world, to live others’ lives, to know history, and to be provoke on my views and ideas like never before. People in different countries are able to share ideas and keep in touch, for example in fifth grade I had a really close friend move back to Japan but we shared our life as we grew up through Facebook, we write each other on the differences of school, what we were learning, and the culture differences.  And this has been the same way I have kept in with other people and I have also have the courage to ask questions that I might have not been able to ask people face to face. For example, I really want to help non-profits in the future and I decided to email a couple “professionals” within non-profits and asked for their perspective in the job, their story and how they have got there, what tips and advice they give to a rookie. Often, I will receive a response or two, as they are obviously busy people, email is the only and safe way to contact them and get feedback.

Writing has helped me learn and explore different fields and professions as I read blogs or websites of how the came to be where they are stand at now. As a business major it is important to communicate verbally and formally through writing. I must be able to sell a product or service but also provide information to the consumer in a clear and efficient way. Other professions in which writing is important in arts and entertainment, media, news, teaching and so on.  People use writing in everyday life for knowledge, work, school, and for leisure. Writing is also crucial for people that are unable to speak, their voices would never be heard if they did not know how to write, expressing yourself is a freedom everyone should be privilege to be heard.

Writing is a way of communication to people across the nation, for many is a tool of expression, it use in everyday life. Writing is needed to hear the voices unheard, the ideas that could spark a movement, a story to save someone. Writing is everywhere I go in the streets I see the signs, in the clothes I wear, the menu I read while choosing what to eat. Writing lets me know what’s going on today, tomorrow, my goals, my dreams and plans. Writing is essential for any human being, we must learn how to write to leave words worth being heard.


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