Writing Celebration

Written by Kacie Van Vliet in honor of the National Day on Writing.

Writing is used in every part of life, whether it be through social media or hand written. Writing is a way that people can interact and gives people a chance to write, in words, what can often be difficult to express verbally. Professions such as journalism and advertising write as their job, and they use that writing to share with the public. Without writing, communication would be a lot more difficult and we would lose a lot of entertainment options as well. Writing is found in the school and social aspect of my life.

Personally, I can see writing in the school aspects of my life. In social media, I use writing to send e-mails to my teachers. Using writing to interact with teachers helps me a great deal in my school work and allows questions to be answered without having to physically be there. Essays often are assigned in different classes and I use writing to show my knowledge of the particular subject that I am assigned to write about. Through writing, teachers can easily discern between the students who know the subject matter and those who do not. Reading material is often assigned in classes and the writings in the text books are used to teach and explain the curriculum in different subject matter.

In the social aspect of my life, I see writing all around me. On social media sites, such as Facebook, I am able to read what is happening in the people’s lives around me and I am able to share my own experiences and opinions as well. Communication through text message also involves writing and it allows people to talk back and forth through words rather than orally. It is often easier to write to someone to express how you feel, rather than having to face talking to them about your feelings. I enjoy reading other people’s writing as entertainment as well. People use writing to make stories that people want to read in their free time. The writer often uses their writing to share a thrilling and exciting story with people who are looking to be entertained. Even writing letters back and forth is a fun way of communication and is used often.

What better way to spread news than through writing! Often times, people use writing to let people know what is going on in their lives and also allows people to share their opinions. People bounce ideas back and forth on social media websites and they argue different issues to show their stance on certain subjects. Different fields of study use writing in their everyday work. For example, journalists use writing to give the public insight on different issues and events going on in the world. Journalists also use writing to educate people on what they should be aware of. As mentioned before, writers use writing to express their creative nature and to provide entertainment for the readers. There are many other jobs that use writing as well. As you can tell, writing is an important tool in communication and expression in different aspects of people’s lives.

Writing is extremely useful in school, socializing, and work. Using writing, especially through technology-related methods, can spread news easily and quickly. One has the ability to really get their ideas and news out there through writing. This is one tool that will probably never be lost and will continue to be used for years to come. Writing makes a lot of things so much easier and therefore will always be useful. It is such a wonderful thing to be able to celebrate something as incredible and widely used as writing.


Writing is Vital in Our Lives

Written by Iona Brannon in honor of the National Day on Writing

Writing is my outlet. I communicate with those not directly next to me through writing, and I connect with myself in the same way. I n my everyday life, I use writing to get in touch with friends through text messages or chat. Teachers who aren’t immediately available can be reached through a simple email. Loved ones who live far away can stay in touch through emails or messages on facebook regardless of time or special differences. Writing allows for a time of reflection and organization before responding. Without writing, I wouldn’t be able to fully understand myself , because I process information as I write it out. I keep a journal recording events and emotions I know I will forget otherwise. This way, I can go back and analyze my actions, reliving moments and small details. Without writing, I would find myself disconnected from everyone but those directly in my range of sight.

Writing today definitely facilitates connections amongst ideas and people. Often, I have found myself part of group messages that allow for instant feedback on ideas. An idea that is mediocre to begin with can be shaped and molded in a matter of minutes in such a setting by people from all around the world. As people tweet and text, Ideas are swapped and people get a glimpse of how others think and act, sublimely affecting their own actions and thoughts to an extent. People of similar interests have the ability to reach out and make connections with each other through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. More than ever, writing is vital in our lives.

How do you connect?

Written by Hannah Gustafson in honor of the National Day on Writing.

How do you connect? Have you ever seen a small baby or toddler struggling to communicate with those around them, blurting out syllables and obscure noises? From a young age it is in our nature and human instinct to try and communicate our feelings and thoughts to those around us. In today’s society we turn to writing as one of our biggest ways of communications. Every where you go you are surrounded by people communicating through various types of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  emails, text messages, and even hand written letters and notes. Some may say that writing is dead and it is a thing of the past was greatly mistaken, it is not dead, if anything I feel that we communicate through writing today then ever before. Technology has made communicating in this way easier than ever before.

Take Facebook for example, this is a place where old friends can find each other again and families separated by distance can keep in touch. Through emails you can communicate with business partners, colleges, friends, family, and even meet someone new. Dating websites for example are so convenient today because of the demand of online communication. Twitter as well as Instagram are some of the biggest uses of communication through writing today with the younger generations; you can have your own personal profile where you can express your inner most deepest feelings through letters and statuses for everyone to see. On every social media site you are over whelmed with communication through writing whether it is through status updates, comments on photos, personal emails, instant chat, and shared posts.

Writing may not be exactly what it was 50 years ago but it is very much alive. Not only do we use it for recreation but for work as well. This allows businesses to share their ideas and express opinions. It allows us as individuals to make our own thoughts and feeling visible for others to see. Writing allows us to become creative; it allows us to express our inner most thoughts and bring our imaginations to life. I feel that without writing we would be lost as a society. It brings us together in a way that spoken words don’t and our own words have such an immense power and impact on those who come across them.

Recording Daily Life

Written by Fenting Yen in honor of the National Day on Writing

Nowadays, writing is the way people most often to connect friends, family, and business. Writing is a daily matter– through texts, status updates, blog posts, and emails. People use writing to their business, study, and daily. According to the development of technology, many social networks had created in recent years, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, and some others. “The future belongs to those who believe the beauty of their dream,” said by Eleanor Roosevelt, and I cannot agree more. People would like to pursue of new things, so they buy new stuffs are not because of they need, but they just want to follow the news. The smartphone is a powerful attraction to many people from small age to old age. I have seen some elementary students holding their smartphone tightly every day. I also seen many elders are starting to learn how to use smartphone and they all fall in love with it.

Writing is a good way to express and record one’s feeling in daily life. For example, I always have seen people post their mood on Facebook every day, either sad or happy, and sometimes complaining about government’s decisions, colleagues’ behavior, children’s problem, and parents’ rigor. Some other people would share their daily life by writing to update their status and post extra photos relate to the writing contains. For instance, one of my Facebook friends likes to take many pictures around her life, and she likes to post the pictures with short description every day to show others how delicious the foods are. The purpose that she loves to doing it is because she is living alone without her family in other country, and she uses writing to let her family know how well she is living and  to peace her family’s worries.

Writing is also a way to communicate to someone who you are afraid or shy to talk to. For example, I have a friend whose relationship with her mother is not very well, but she still concerns about her mother. Therefore, she tries to send messages to her mother day by day and keep a connection. She is very nervous to communicate with her mother when they meet, because they rarely care about each other since they were arguing of many things before. However, I think writing a message to be connected about someone who you really want to regard is a good way and you will not get shy or nervous. Writing email is also a technique to someone who you want to connect but he or she is living far away from you.

In conclusion, I think many people are likely to write down their daily life is a good way to record their history. Recording video is also a new way on writing, but it is not about acute writing, it is a way that replace of writing. Many people would like to record their daily life, too. They think recording video is interesting and very convenient because of smartphone is readily available to take video. Pen and paper are not exiting anywhere, but smartphone has been always with him or her. Try to write or record daily life is a good habit, once you look back all your writing or recording, you will find out how interest that is.

Writing to Connect

Written by Emily Procko in honor of the National Day on Writing

In my work environment, I don’t use writing too much because I am a delivery driver at Pizza Hut. However, I do fill out feedback notecards for my other coworkers in order to boost their confidence by telling them what they’re doing good at and encourage them to keep working hard. I also use writing to fill out a bulletin that I post on my work bulletin board that announces an encouraging hello for the day such as “good morning guys happy Monday” and then I continue to go on and explain what each individual’s task is for that day. I don’t use writing too much at work because I mostly use verbal communication, however, when I do use writing, it is to specifically emphasize something I think is important to communicate to my other coworkers visually so they don’t forget. At work, I use writing to instruct, remind, and encourage my coworkers.

In my school environment, I use writing a lot more frequently than I do in my workplace. In college, it is impossible to communicate verbally with your teachers about your point of view on things and how far you’re progressing, therefore, it is much easier to simply write your ideas down for your teachers to later read and give you feedback on. In addition, I use writing as a study tool in majority of my classes. I use writing as a communication tool between my teachers and I. I email my teachers to ask them questions about the course I’m taking and things I’m not quite understanding. In addition, I write things down repeatedly because it helps me study and retain information more clearly through the constant repetition.  I use a much more formal form of writing in my school environment verses my work environment. In my school environment, I use writing as a form of communication, learning, and studying.

Whether it’s online on Facebook or Instagram, I am constantly using writing to express myself. On social medias, I use writing as a way to express my opinions, likes, and dislikes about certain topics. I use Facebook and Instagram as a form of a online diary where I can share my thoughts and retain memories that I don’t want to lose. In addition, social media websites allow me to use writing in the form of communication to connect and meet new people.  I use a much more informal and slang-like type of writing style when it comes to social media websites. On my online social media sites I use writing as a way to connect with people and express myself.

In today’s society, I think that people seem to forget how much they use the tool of writing. Even though, people may not sit down and write on a piece of paper with an actual pencil, everyone uses writing frequently even if they don’t recognize it. The most writing that takes place is online or in a text message. Although, many people may find social media websites distracting, they have the potential to connect people. People on Instagram post pictures and share their likes and dislikes about different fashion trends, politics, and even ice cream. On Facebook, people share their thoughts and opinions where other people can like what they put or insert on comment explaining their opinion. Writing on social medias allows people to share their thoughts and opinions with people that they might never have met in real life.

The Importance of Writing

Written by Edgar Lopez in honor of the National Day on Writing

I surprised myself when I thought about the importance and impact that writing has had on my life. When writing assignments for school, I absolutely hate writing because I have a hard time putting my thoughts into words, and before I know it, the deadline for my assignments is one hour closer and I have made little progress. When there is no pressure to write, I find that I enjoy getting my thoughts out of my head and onto something concrete, which I can share with others. Writing has allowed me to experience the minds of great men like Orwell, Milton, and Dostoevsky and several more, which have shaped my views on how I view the world and approach life in general. I would certainly classify my relationship with writing as a love and hate relationship.

Writing has also allowed the tradition of storytelling to be kept alive and shared with the rest of the world. Recently I watched a documentary about the history behind the first Lord of the Rings movie, The Fellowship of the Ring, and it was an interview of an old man from Finland that the gravity of the importance of writing hit me. This old man was the last person in the world who knew the entire story of the Kalevala, an ancient mythology of the Finnish people, purely through oral form, he had never read a word of it. If he had died without speaking the Kalevala to anyone else and them committing it to memory, the world would have lost an epic poem that matches the caliber of The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Iliad, and the Odyssey. Luckily, someone had the sense to listen and write down this epic which is now considered the most important piece of literature in Finnish history. When I heard this story I realized how far we have come in being able to communicate with one another in more than just oral form. Writing has kept changed and expanded the old tradition of storytelling, with contemporary authors constantly creating new mythologies for future generations to read on their IPads.


Written by Clary Holt in honor of the National Day on Writing

Writing is one of the ways God has given us to communicate our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and many other things. There are several ways that I personally use writing. One of the biggest ways right now is in the form of papers for my classes in college. Through these, I can express my ideas about what I have learned to my teacher. I also use writing to communicate with the volleyball team that I coach. I jot down my thoughts during practices and games so that I won’t forget what I wanted to say to my team when we gather in the huddle. My boss and I use email to gather the information we need from each other. I also use email in order to know what is happening at my school and receive important notices from my teachers. I love to write letters and emails to my best friends and family that live far away. This way I can stay in touch with them and keep them current on what is going on in my life.  It also shows them that I love them and they are always on my mind.

Writing today allows for the rapid spread of ideas. There are many books out there that are written about various topics. There are stories written simply for readers’ enjoyment, schoolbooks, political books, children’s books, and the list goes on. Christians grow in their faith by reading the Bible. Because those in our history took the time to write stories down, we can learn from their lives. Anyone can pick up a book or article and learn something new every day. Through modern social media, news spreads like wild fire. People are much more connected to pop culture, politics, and each other. Texting has become an addiction.  Many share their personal lives on facebook and Twitter. Writing is an incredible tool used to express ideas and share with others.